My challenge is to dress the real and mature woman, camouflaging her imperfections, using the right clothes. In each video, tips, trends
and a lot of style.

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How to get older following your own style.

In this video, produced by HerBunk Productions as a tribute to Queen Elizabeth's Jubilee, we can find a great source of inspiration in getting older with style and not losing our own identity.

Patterned pants.

Maria Helena Daniel shows different ways to use patterned pants.

Look's para final de ano.

Neste vídeo, a consultora de imagem Maria Helna Daniel, dá dicas de como arrasar nas Festas de Fim de Ano com looks incríveis!

The pattern of the Impossible.

Maria Helena Daniel, Image and Style Consultant, suggests reflecting on the paradigms of fashion and beauty, proposing that the real woman to be accepted as beautiful, delicious and really happy, with a body that tells your story, regardless of the default .

Image Consulting and Style for the visually impaired - Adeva and Maria Helena Daniel.

Maria Helena Daniel, image consultant and style guides visually impaired in appearance to suit a job interview.

Finishing – Why good quality clothing is so expensive in Brazil?

To recognize and appreciate good finishing on tailoring pieces is what Maria Helena Daniel, image and style consulting, shows in this video.


Fur, in many textures, will be in for the next winter. Watch and see!


The presence of the snake is one of the strongest trends in the next winter and promises to continue in high summer.


In this video, image consultant Maria Helena Daniel gives tips on leather pieces that fit well the real woman, valuing what she has best.

Animal Print

Maria Helena Daniel talks a little about animal prints, showing pieces that the real woman can have in her closet.


Following the trend of maxi bijoux, Maria Helena Daniel shows some accessories to update your look.

Special – Wedding Dresses

In this Brides Special, Maria Helena Daniel chats with one of the greats when it comes to "the big day" – so desired by women – the fashion designer Junior; and also shows us the main fabrics used to make the dresses.

Fabrics that make you look thinner

Consultant and author of the Practical Guide to Fabrics, Maria Helena Daniel gives tips on fabrics and prints that make you look thinner.


Maria Helena shows many different dresses, talks about the advantages and the ease in composing the look in our day to day.

Fabrics that make you look fatter and thinner

Maria Helena Daniel gives tips and explains why some fabrics make you look fatter or thinner.

Colourful accessories

Maria Helena Daniel gives tips on how to incorporate colourful accessories to your look.

Coloured trousers

In this video, image consultant Maria Helena Daniel gives tips on how to use coloured trousers, a summer trend.

Colourful tops

So trendy in recent seasons, the colours serve to add colour and joy to your production.

Tricot and light-coloured trousers

Do you remember the tricot we used in our first Look of the Day? Here it shows up coordinated with light-coloured trousers.

Pleated skirt with other combinations

In this video, image consultant Maria Helena Daniel gives tips on how real women can use a piece, in this case a pleated skirt (super trendy in fashion), in many different ways.

Pleated skirt and tricot

In today's video, Maria Helena Daniel gives tips on how real women can use some fashion trends.